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I can't believe he did that! I swear to the gods... I'm going to kill that idiotic wizard.

I have him and Lithie down in the one of the meeting rooms and tell them that I want their help in striking out against my father. We're in a lull with Galagos and I want to hurt my father so I suggest a plan. They say okay to it, we come up with a basic battle tatic, with Her help and then while we're waiting for the others to get back he goes off to Oriton. I figure, no big deal, he and Lithie will be back in time. They're reliable friends, I can count on them. So, I let them go off and I make plans.

Lithie comes back with a air shugengia, which is great. We wait for Xel.

We go to sleep and wait for Xel.

We wake up and find Jimmy.

Jimmy with a note from Xel.

Apparently Xel has better things to do than to help me save my world from a great evil. Like become a member of the bloody Forge Clan. Never mind the fact that I planned all my tatics based having him around when we went to go and attack my father's second in command. I start with a Wizard and end with a halfling thief.

I sent a replacement, that makes everything okay. What about the people who were depending on you, You little fucker?!

I had to depend on LISELLA for gods sake! The fucking half fiend who eats babies for breakfast!

We would have been DEAD if Regalius hadn't been there when we attacked. My FATHER showed up! He ... gods know what he would have done if he had gotten me back in his power again. I had to face my FATHER.


I don't know what I would have done if he had gotten his hands on me again. I don't know what would have happened to me, if he had gotten his hands on me.

The others think that we have something to celebrate. I suppose we do. My father fled Regalius. We took care of three of my father's inner circle.

But then again, Lisella was in my bed and gave me a kiss on the cheek.
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What can be more than a god? Does he want to remake the world in his image? Galagos aside, my father is beginning to worry me and the fact that we aren't doing anything worries me even more. I think that since he's not causing problems we're not going after him. He's doing everything behind the scences with out making noise. If he were making noise, we'd focus on him and cause him problems. Which he obviously doesn't want.

My father is a crafty bastard. By the time we finish with Galagos he'll be too powerful to stop. I just know it.

Xel won't believe this. Lythie might. I dunno. Risk would come with me. So would Red. It's just risky. Sometimes though, you have to take risks.
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List of things I need to do:

1. Kill Liszella in her sleep. Or just in general. Don't care if she's under a blood oath.
2. Figure out a way to close holes in reality.
3. Resurect Kakita.
4. Figure out what the hell 'he sees through your eyes' means.
5. Find Sasha again. Pump her for information. Maybe kill her.
6. Make ammends with Risq.
7. Quest thing from Judge god ... start on that. What the hell are gem dragons anyway?
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I really don't think that arresting my compainions and throwing them in prision for releasing a great evil into the world is over reacting. Really, I don't.
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I think I'm going to hurt Xel. Really. We were making plans to get Red back and he wasn't there. We decided that once we knew where she was, we'd send a diversinary group to stir up trouble and get Lizzela's attention. She'd go to the diversion and we'd sneak into her place and grab Red.

Xel didn't like this.

He felt that it would be a waste of lives and that we should try something else. When pressed for what exactly, he didn't have any idea except to go to Kakita's master and ask him for help.

Which would waste time.

We don't have a lot of time and we're constantly loosing focus.

So we went to Hell. Literally. Or at least Callinar's version of it. We appeared in the middle of an arena and ended up fighting a green dragon. The damn thing managed to suggest me into taking off all my clothes. Fortunately we killed the thing and I wasn't too badly humiliated. At least so I thought. Risque's contact was waiting for us once we got out of there. He was impressed with Lytea's and my skills. Seeing as how I didn't do much but get undressed, I'm not certain I liked what he meant.

In any case we signed a contract with him.

I can't believe I did that.

If we fail to get this 'trinket' for him, we're his. He said I showed promise. I don't like that either.

But it's done. And hopefully the information we'll get is useful.
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There has been a fair order of good news since I last wrote.

We got back from the West with out any trouble. Okay, a minor bit of trouble, but we're all alive, though I'm down quite a bit in the gold department. I finally spent those diamonds that my father gave me all that time ago. We also picked up some new compainions. One is Jeraed, he's a tech mage and the other is Jack. Jack lost his daughter in the Machine Graveyard and has been lurking there ever since. We managed to convince him to come with us and save the plane from Galagos. I also picked up a ... well it's a little machine about the size of my two fists. It's like a mechanical puppy, following me around and sitting on my shoulder. It has some neat little functions, tells me stuff about people, can record and enhance things. I'm calling it Ratchet. I don't know why, but it seems to fit.

We managed to trap Shotan into a gem. That's one more person we don't have to worry about in the long term.

The emperor of Coralis - a gold dragon of all things- has been freed from the gem that imprisioned him. He's helping us in the tatical area, which is something we need. A new eye on things.

Regalius is also free of Lythe's body. He's back home. Back to bring hope to the people. Back to find my father.

This leads us to the bad news. The demons have stepped up their attacks. We've had to retreate to my plane from Sheathe Blade Island. We've forfited the land, but that's not imporant. Right now we have to deal with the people in charge, not the armies. This way, they're safe on my plane. We just have to make sure that the demons can't come through the portal.

Also... I know where my father is.

At least part of him.

He's in me. Regalius can find my father anywhere and he told me that My father looks out through my eyes. His spirit is in me. My guess is something happened to my father, he died, and his spirit entered me, hoping to take me over. Regalius said that my soul was too strong, something my father didn't expect, and now, I guess he's stuck in me. Some of him, I think. Regalius wasn't very specific. He says that I'm safe as long as I'm with my friends. I hope he's right. Well I'm certain he's right, because I have yet to have any detrimental effects because of it.

If anything, it's a good thing. I know where he is and he can't do anything about it. I just have to make sure I don't die on my plane. I think if I do, that'll free him. Which'll be bad.

We found Marlin Slewick on another note. We hoped he had some information about Lizella since Phoenix and she worked together. We got some, nothing that was too useful. Except that Phoenix was a threat to her. He was more powerful than her. He was just to scatterbrained to do anything......

My gods... that's... that's such a stupid idea it could actually work.

Bring Phoenix back... but geas him so that he can't betray us... and use him against Lizella.

I'll have to talk to the others about it first... but it could work.
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I think I'm going to kill Xel.

Raise him up.

And kill him again.

... I'm sounding like my father.


That'd be funny. Xel drives me to become evil. I wonder if that's possible.
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Dex is dead. He sacrificed himself to get the group out of the abyss.

Kakita is dead. He was tricked into commiting suicide (or whatever they call it)and his soul is shattered. Or something, we're not sure.

Red is captured.

Regaulius is trapped in Lytea's head.

Lytea has Reagulius trapped in her head.

And it's all going down hill from there.

We didn't rescue the children... dear gods. I said we couldn't. It's a sacrifice...but it's necessary for the greater good. I mean if we did, we'd probably end up getting all killed and then even more children would die.

I recieved a scroll too...From the Holy Sword Shrine. It's a scroll of sacrifice... of sorts. It completely drains the reader of almost all their life energy to create a plane shift portal that will get your friends to the Holy Sword Shrine. It does this by creating a time stop to give them time to get through. But the reader can't go. They're -I'd be- left behind to face what ever danger there's left.
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Sasha doesn't know where he is.

I don't like this.

How do you missplace a person of extreme power. I guess you don't missplace him if he doesn't want to be found. I really don't like this.

And then there's the what was it that Gregor called us? the Jade crusaders business with the Galagos. Parts of me are thinking, well he's not my world, so he's not my problem. But I can't just let an evil like that exist when I can do something about it. I don't know what I could do about it, but I can do something. I have to, right?

Asking myself isn't really going to help much.

Morality can be such a problem sometimes.
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My father is no where to be found. This is distressing. It's like everything is on standby. We're still being attacked, but there's nothing BIG happening. We're just waiting for something to happen. And my father is no where to be found. Which probably means he's up to something. But, what, exactly I don't know.

I wonder if he's finally gotten enough power to make his transition to godhood. Or to start it. I'm going to try and find Sasha. She's his little... prodigy and she might know something. Will have to capture her. Anesta might help with that.

I don't like this.

I don't really.

And it's not just my paranoia.
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I seem to enjoy making lists. I think they help me think and figure out what problems there are that need to be solved. I've a small book with me and it's just completely filled with lists and notes on the lists and lists on the notes. It seems rather insane. It's not at all organized. But it seems to help. It puts my goals in mind and what I have to do to obtain them. I wonder if that makes me weird or not.

Lyte would probably make fun of me for it. But she makes fun of everything. I wonder if she made Imperial Archer yet. With the bow that she was gifted, I don't think I could give her anything better than that. And it comes with its own arrows. Perhaps some sort of jewlery or something.

I should get something for Red too. She should have something pretty to wear. Or something... I'm so smitten, it's not even funny. And she doesn't even know I exist like that. She's got her knight -or Samurai- shining armor.

I wonder how the others are doing. I hope Dex has been keeping the garden watered. And the house in one piece. I miss that little house. It was all mine. Not my father's, not my grandfather's or the kingdom's but mine.

And Theo. I miss being called 'Theo'. Pratically everyone calls me 'Prince Theodred' or 'My Lord' or 'Sir' or whatever. The bowing and scraping. Not so much out here, but there's still that respect, the somewhat untrusting is he going to end up like his father is he just playing us for a fool looks and everything else. I miss being just 'Theo'.

On the subject of my name, I wonder why "Theodred"? I'm fairly certain my father named me. I wonder if the name has any signifigance to him and that's why he picked it. Or did he just pull it out of his hat. I should look into it, I think.

Another thing for my lists.

An update

Oct. 18th, 2005 05:47 pm
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I've left the Jade Crusaders and have stayed on my home plane. It's been about a month now. I've been really busy and haven't had time to do any writing or what not. I hope that they're alright. Fortunately it's going to be a lot easier now to go from their world to mine and back now. Dycant has created a portal between our two worlds. It's located in Grandfather's castle deep within the keep.

I haven't really been around much to use the portal though. I've been out in the field, planning raids on my father's forces and things like that. I think some of the tatical stuff that Aylissa was trying to teach me is finally sticking. It makes a lot more sense when you're applying it on the field instead of on paper. Grandfather, I know, is worried about me and my safety. But I also know that my father has given his people for lack of a better word, strict orders not to hurt me. At least the intelligent ones. I think. I do know that demon lord had orders not to hurt me. I suppose I shouldn't derive satisfaction in knowing that he's going to be in for a long and painful future for hurting me. But having your arm ripped off HURTS.

I've been thinking of doing something rather risky. Going and talking to my father. I'm not sure if it's a good idea. It's probably not. But I need to see him. I don't like this not having seen any reaction to what I've done to him and his plans. He has to be up to something. He's always up to something.

Fairly certain that he wouldn't hurt me if I were to see him. But he may not let me leave. Nor may he let me leave without the manacle. I worked very hard to get that off. I don't want to risk puting it back on.

I think, however, it may be worth the risk.


Sep. 9th, 2005 11:37 am
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We did it.

We destroyed my father's machine that was tearing holes in reality. We freed all those souls that were being used to power the machine. We had to take down two pit fiends to do it and goddess knows what else. I think Lytie almost died a couple of times. I know I almost did. But we did it.

Seluna came after we were done and she gave Lytie a beautiful bow. I think she almost had a orgasm when she saw it. It was made of diamonds. The souls when they were freed left use more diamonds than we could ever hope to count. The goddess told me that I was a true Lunaric, in thought and deed. And I was trully one of her chosen. That despite the evil that surrounded me as I grew up, I was really, really good. And then she kissed me. After that I just feel... wiser a little. Which'll help, I guess, if I ever become king.

One thing is bothering me though. Why hasn't my father shown himself. I've thwarted two of his plans, two of his carefully laid plans that shouldn't have been broken and I know he's furious. I know that. But he hasn't done anything. I don't know why. It's bothering me. I feel like he could jump out at any moment and do something. Perhaps he's just biding his time, waiting to see what happens.

I hope the rifts heal.

I have to go on watch now. It's my turn. We have a long way back to my grandfather's kingdom.


Sep. 6th, 2005 04:23 pm
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We freed her, finally.

I had my arm torn off and I think I nearly died a couple of times. But we got her free. Xel tried to talk to the Demon Lord who was gaurding her. He thought it was Galagos. Which is silly. Why would Galagos be near where the godess would be kept. And he's a demon, not a fiend. In either case, I wouldn't want to be that fiend lord when my father catches up with him. He had two commands, don't let tresspassers through and don't hurt me.

He did both.

Surprisingly, that wasn't the most difficult thing that I had to do. That came afterwards. When I had to make a speech to everyone who could fit into the goddess' temple. I'm not very good at making speeches. I'm not used to them. Ly'tea and Phoenix got this look on their faces like "I can't believe he said that" The Kobold Bob helped by ventriquilism something in my ear. It wasn't good, but... I never had to make speeches before. I just had to stand around and not cry.

At least Kakita wasn't there. He would have taken over completely.

I am glad that is over with though. We're going to go and take out the whateveritis that is opening up the rifts soon. After we find Red and Ellie.


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