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In Character
Theodred "Theo" Kaylin Lunaric
What Canon Does the Character Come From: 3rd Edition, Dungeons and Dragons, Homebrew.
Canon Point: Sometime during his adventures...
Sex/Gender: Male
Actual Age/Apparent Age: 23
Appearance: The most striking about Theo is his silver eyes. They're not grey they're actually silver. Like that of the moon's. The second thing about Theo is that he gives off a slightly creepy vibe. Like there's something wrong with him, his existence. For those who can detect those things, Theo comes off as being undead - even though he's clearly alive and breathing. His hair is pale yellow. Theo moves as if he expects to be attacked at any give movement, on the balls of his feet... walking carefully. His clothes are dark, his cloak the perfect color for blending in shadows.

World: Theo is from a typical D&D fantasy world - though not from any of the published campaign settings like Forgotten Realms. Complete with the color coded dragons, lawful good paladins and squishy wizards. He actually is from two worlds - he was born in one and sent to another. The world he came from had only five gods, the moon goddess being a patron of his mother's family. The other world that he found himself in after an accident had a more traditional pantheon.

Belongings: Theo has a set of magical lock picks, a rapier, a manacle that can't be removed that acts as a protection device, is horribly evil, and acts as a tracking device for his father - not that it matters now, a bag of holding other sundry adventurers items.

Skills and Powers: Theo is an accomplished rogue, able to sneak into places, pick locks, steal things and get out with fairly little effort. He's quick with his knives and rapier and tends to be a bit of a planner of Things. Magically speaking, while it's not exactly a power, but things react to him as if he's undead. Holy objects? Not his friend. Detect undead? Will say he's undead even if he's standing there breathing on your face and bleeding on you. Wards against the undead? Will be very unhappy to let him get through. On the other hand, if something is good for the undead? It's good for him as well. He also can cast a few weak necromancy spells that he learned from his father.

Bookmark Description:
Theo's bookmark looks like a battered spell book, with necromancy symbols on it.

History and Personality:

Theo was born to a necromancer and a princess touched by the goddess of the moon. His father showed up at his mother's court, romanced her, ran off with her and took her to his lair of Necromancy. His father, Melkor, did love Theo's mother Luthien, but even still he experimented on his unborn child. He wanted to try and create someone who could straddle the lines of the living and the undead.

He also hoped to create a way that would allow him to transcend the world itself, to be come something more than a god. Someone that held control over all of reality itself. Unfortunately that meant he experimented on his son. Driving him from sanity to insanity and back again.


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