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I started thinking about when my mother died.

We were in one of my father's lairs. The one, I guess, that was home. We had gone for a walk outside, it was fall, I think, and the moons were both out. She had wanted to show me the moons and tell me a story. We were coming back into the lair and one of Father's new minions decided to be helpful. He thought that my mother had gone some where to betray my father and took matters into his own hands.

I remember screaming in terror and my father showing up. It was like Death had shown up for the minion. He was furious, I remember that but then I blanked out. I don't know if I did it to myself or my father did. He sometimes tried to spare me from things.

The next thing I remember is waking up in my room and the manacle on my wrist. That was when it was first put on, after my mother died.

For the first and only time that I can remember, my father looked sad. He looked genuinely upset. I think he did love her. He told me that my mother was dead and that he had put the manacle on my wrist to protect me. He said that he would get bodyguards for me. And that I shouldn't worry, I would have my mother back. Admittedly I don't think that this was a good thing. She came back twisted, evil. There was sorrow in my father's eyes when he looked at her.

But, he said, this way no one could ever say that she would betray him.

As for me, he said any who harmed me would face his wrath.
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