May. 7th, 2006


May. 7th, 2006 06:26 pm
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When Theo had said he needed a place to crash, he wasn't joking. He barely managed to pull his boots off and set them neatly by the edge of the couch (manners and being evil were not mutally exclusive) before falling back onto the cushions and drifting into a heavy sleep. It could have been called the sleep of the dead, for how much he moved while sleeping. His chest barely rose up and down, and he was pale enough to look like a corpse.

Raising those zombies had taken a lot out of him. Magically and physically. He didn't realize how much energy it took. Probably why his father always used him as a suplemental energy source. Right now, it didn't look like even his father could wake him up.

Drifting into dreams, the nightmares began. Those weren't unusal, evil or not. It was more unusual for him not to have nightmares. He went from still as a corpse to a man struggling to hold onto life and sanity. As he tossed, the box with the manacle fell off of him. It landed with a soft clump onto the floor, box opening and manacle rolling out. It came to rest under a table.

Theo, meanwhile, tossed uneasily in the torments of dreams.


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