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In Character
Theodred "Theo" Kaylin Lunaric
What Canon Does the Character Come From: 3rd Edition, Dungeons and Dragons, Homebrew.
Canon Point: Sometime during his adventures...
Sex/Gender: Male
Actual Age/Apparent Age: 23
Appearance: The most striking about Theo is his silver eyes. They're not grey they're actually silver. Like that of the moon's. The second thing about Theo is that he gives off a slightly creepy vibe. Like there's something wrong with him, his existence. For those who can detect those things, Theo comes off as being undead - even though he's clearly alive and breathing. His hair is pale yellow. Theo moves as if he expects to be attacked at any give movement, on the balls of his feet... walking carefully. His clothes are dark, his cloak the perfect color for blending in shadows.

World: Theo is from a typical D&D fantasy world - though not from any of the published campaign settings like Forgotten Realms. Complete with the color coded dragons, lawful good paladins and squishy wizards. He actually is from two worlds - he was born in one and sent to another. The world he came from had only five gods, the moon goddess being a patron of his mother's family. The other world that he found himself in after an accident had a more traditional pantheon.

Belongings: Theo has a set of magical lock picks, a rapier, a manacle that can't be removed that acts as a protection device, is horribly evil, and acts as a tracking device for his father - not that it matters now, a bag of holding other sundry adventurers items.

Skills and Powers: Theo is an accomplished rogue, able to sneak into places, pick locks, steal things and get out with fairly little effort. He's quick with his knives and rapier and tends to be a bit of a planner of Things. Magically speaking, while it's not exactly a power, but things react to him as if he's undead. Holy objects? Not his friend. Detect undead? Will say he's undead even if he's standing there breathing on your face and bleeding on you. Wards against the undead? Will be very unhappy to let him get through. On the other hand, if something is good for the undead? It's good for him as well. He also can cast a few weak necromancy spells that he learned from his father.

Bookmark Description:
Theo's bookmark looks like a battered spell book, with necromancy symbols on it.

History and Personality:

Theo was born to a necromancer and a princess touched by the goddess of the moon. His father showed up at his mother's court, romanced her, ran off with her and took her to his lair of Necromancy. His father, Melkor, did love Theo's mother Luthien, but even still he experimented on his unborn child. He wanted to try and create someone who could straddle the lines of the living and the undead.

He also hoped to create a way that would allow him to transcend the world itself, to be come something more than a god. Someone that held control over all of reality itself. Unfortunately that meant he experimented on his son. Driving him from sanity to insanity and back again.


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Right. Shoe.

What am I supposed to do with a shoe?!
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Note to self... see about disbanding my cult.
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I've been home for a couple of days now. It's been good to be back among my family... such as it is. Still, there is much that needs to be done. Grandfather has been strongly suggesting that I find a wife.

I'm not sure how I feel about that. I know what I have to do, but it seems like there's so much more that has to be done before hand. My father is gone, but there is still that power vaccum. The god king in the south needs to be woken up and the red dragon freed. Regalius says that he will see to these things, but I don't like sitting around feeling helpless. I suppose there are the smaller maters of kingdom and state, which aren't that small. But I don't feel ready to settle down yet.

Though my grandfather is getting old. He looks very old now. And tired. It should be my mother on the throne now, not him. But she's gone. So there is only me, and there's so much I need to learn. I have nineteen years of education missing. Things about my world and history that I would have learned by living in court and castle. There's much to learn. Plus the numerous battles that still have to take place. My father is gone, but his army still stands.

I miss Dex.

He was someone I could talk to about these things.

I'm going to be king. I know that. It's my responsibilty. A king must lead his people. And I must lead them away from the ruin that my father brought. I hope I will be a good king. I think I will be. Grandfather says I have a good head on my shoulders.

I will miss Dessa. Perhaps I will see about creating a portal between her world and mine. That way we won't have to go through the Nexus to see each other. Perhaps I'll invite her to meet my grandfather.
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Well that went well.
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He had tried to fight it. Fight against what his father had wanted. He didn't want to break the mirror. He didn't want to give up his secrets.

But his father was exceptionally good at what he did.

He had held out for a while.

But then the pain had just gotten to him. And then there was only pain. Pain that stopped long enough for him not to get desenstized before starting again. It became everything he ever knew and he would do anything to make it stop.

A little while after that it did stop. He didn't know who he was anymore. There was no Theodred. No thief prince. No Jade Crusader. Just a shivering naked lump with a bloody hand.

A man had come and dressed him whispering that everything was done for his benifit and that everything would be alright now. Now that he was back to normal. He didn't know what that meant. He didn't trust the voice, as soothing as it was. It brought back memories of pain.

And then he had found himself somewhere... and people had found him. Said that they knew him. But they wouldn't tell him who he was. Who "Theo" was. They just told him to try and remember.

But there wasn't anything to remember.

Just the pain.


May. 7th, 2006 06:26 pm
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When Theo had said he needed a place to crash, he wasn't joking. He barely managed to pull his boots off and set them neatly by the edge of the couch (manners and being evil were not mutally exclusive) before falling back onto the cushions and drifting into a heavy sleep. It could have been called the sleep of the dead, for how much he moved while sleeping. His chest barely rose up and down, and he was pale enough to look like a corpse.

Raising those zombies had taken a lot out of him. Magically and physically. He didn't realize how much energy it took. Probably why his father always used him as a suplemental energy source. Right now, it didn't look like even his father could wake him up.

Drifting into dreams, the nightmares began. Those weren't unusal, evil or not. It was more unusual for him not to have nightmares. He went from still as a corpse to a man struggling to hold onto life and sanity. As he tossed, the box with the manacle fell off of him. It landed with a soft clump onto the floor, box opening and manacle rolling out. It came to rest under a table.

Theo, meanwhile, tossed uneasily in the torments of dreams.
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Theo opens a portal to Dessa's home town and hops right through, pulling Cassie along with him. It's near midnight now, and he looks around, silver eyes flashing in the moonlight. "Do you know where we are?" he asks the little girl.
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Not to say that my father is right, gods forbid that, but I've been going about this all wrong. I have skills and abilities, so why don't I use them? I need an army, so I'll get one. Undead are much easier to control anyway. And they don't talk back. I need away back home, so I'll get one. Blood worked before and if I have a manacle I can certainly get my way back.

I'll have to ask Ori what she did with hers.
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I started thinking about when my mother died.

We were in one of my father's lairs. The one, I guess, that was home. We had gone for a walk outside, it was fall, I think, and the moons were both out. She had wanted to show me the moons and tell me a story. We were coming back into the lair and one of Father's new minions decided to be helpful. He thought that my mother had gone some where to betray my father and took matters into his own hands.

I remember screaming in terror and my father showing up. It was like Death had shown up for the minion. He was furious, I remember that but then I blanked out. I don't know if I did it to myself or my father did. He sometimes tried to spare me from things.

The next thing I remember is waking up in my room and the manacle on my wrist. That was when it was first put on, after my mother died.

For the first and only time that I can remember, my father looked sad. He looked genuinely upset. I think he did love her. He told me that my mother was dead and that he had put the manacle on my wrist to protect me. He said that he would get bodyguards for me. And that I shouldn't worry, I would have my mother back. Admittedly I don't think that this was a good thing. She came back twisted, evil. There was sorrow in my father's eyes when he looked at her.

But, he said, this way no one could ever say that she would betray him.

As for me, he said any who harmed me would face his wrath.
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I've got a sudden bad feeling.
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Theodred led Ori into his camp. It was in a small wooded area, some of the trees having been cut down to build the frame of a small cabin. A tent was set up in the open area and near it a campfire with some hot coals. Laundry was hung up bewteen two trees and in the distance a creek could be heard, bubbling. It was nice and peaceful.

"Grab a seat near the campfire while I get my stuff."
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Despite the finding out that there was a town near by, Theo decided he rather liked his small camp and was going to stay. If only because it was near where the portal to his home had been and it made him feel less homesick. This isn't to say he hadn't made use of the local town. He had bought supplies and clothes and tools. He had even started building a little house. That was hard work, but he enjoyed it. It kept his mind off of things.

Today he was skinning a couple of rabbits he had caught. A good theif knew how to build a trap as well as get out of one. There was a sense of contentment as he did it. It was something to do. Even if it was a small something. Though he did wish for some sort of company.


Apr. 21st, 2006 07:01 pm
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Finally updating this.

My father showed up in the Nexus. I haven't seen him, but I know he has. He's talked to Dessa. Though she doesn't have any firm proof that it was him. Tricky bastard. I don't know if he has shown up in my other haunts. I hope not. At least the Nexus has the AVF. Though I don't like the thought of him interacting with people I know. He never seems to be around when I am. It's like he KNOWS where I am.

... I wouldn't put it past him.
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Never again.

I am never having McDonalds again. Unless my life depends on it. Whatever it did to my stomach proves why it is called fast food. I can't understand how people eat that reguarly.

I never want to see that particular tree again. I was ... am so sick to my stomach now that I can barely write.

How can something that tastes so good do something so vile to your innards?
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For most of my life I've had a goal in mind. In one form or another I was always going some where, doing something to pursue this goal. But now I'm trapped here in the Nexus and I find myself at a loss. I guess in some ways I've lost my cause and way.

I don't know what to do with myself. With this free mental time. It's disconcerting.
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LJ Interests meme results

  1. daggers:
    They're sharp, pointy and easy to hide. Also good for throwing.
  2. dragons:
    I know a couple and it's interesting the differences between the ones on my world and on others.
  3. gypsys:
    They helped me alot when I first switched planes. And I kinda like one of them. Miss her too.
  4. kingdoms:
    I'm going to rule one someday. How can it not be an interest?
  5. lock picking:
    A good skill to have, one that I need to practice some more, but very handy.
  6. necromancy:
    It's what my father does. It's what I was raised (hah, no pun intended) with. It was all I knew for most of my life.
  7. rogues:
    I am one.
  8. silence:
    Good for sneaking places, something I like to do.
  9. theives:
    Rogue is just another name for theif.
  10. wizards:
    My father is one. A man I thought was a friend was one. I seem to have alot of problems with them.

Enter your LJ user name, and 10 interests will be selected from your interest list.

My first one, I think.
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I've made myself a small place to stay. But ... it's not home. And I worry.
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I can't get home.

I can't find the portal that was letting me into the Nexus areas from my grandfather's castle. It's just not there any more. I'm stuck here. No. I'm not stuck here. It's only temporary. It has to be temporary. They need me back home. I'm needed back home. I need to get back home. I can't stay here... I can't let my father win like this.

I wonder if this is his doing? If he found a way to seal the portal between here and home. He would do something like this. He's always been reluctant to... kill me. He's never been reluctant to hurt me... but he's never killed me. I've started to become a threat to him though... maybe this is his way of getting rid of me without killing me.

I don't know what to do now. Where to go.
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I've been having... bad thoughts. Not like harming myself sort of bad thoughts.

More like joining my father bad thoughts. I just want to be on the winning side for once. My father has it together. Up until Regualius showed up at least. But I figure he could use my help to get of Regalius. Not that I'd do that.

But with Xel's.. Or just Xel in general, it's like, stop making my side look STUPID for gods sake. I want to win. I want to be on the winning side, but for fuck's sake... why do I have to have such idiots on mine? It's like the gods are testing me, or something.


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